Spring of Copanhagen


Spring of Copenhagen anderkender også veteraner! 20-30% rabat

Inspire to better everyday living

At Spring Copenhagen we create simple, unique, functional and beautiful home decor and interior accessories. Our passion for design drives us to find and represent products that has the ability to grow into new classics, are timeless and inspire people around the world to a better everyday life.

Our unique portfolio of accessories spans designs from the 1930s to the present day, crafted by renowned, forgotten, unknown and upcoming designers.

We are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving to make our products accessible to the largest possible audience: Accessories with an international appeal, that satisfy the needs of modern living.

And what we do, we do well.
Our name Spring refers to the season where everything grows, but indeed also to feelings of rejuvenation, renewal and the celebration of ideas coming to life.

Celebration of ideas is our core and we believe in originality, quality and great stories.

Spring Copenhagen was founded by Claus Nielsen and Peter Sørensen in October 2015.

We inspire to better everyday living through design.


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