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Systema is an art where we travel the path of self-development and awareness, where we aim to move away from patterns of behavior and rigid structures, encourage the creativity in ourselves , where we try (not always successfully) to get away from competitiveness, and strive for a simple concept – getting to know ourselves, the world around us, and live our lives according to our system of values and beliefs.
We focus on health, conditioning and healing, combat and survival, philosophy and psychology; integration of Systema principles into everyday life, and not just combat.
Not only useful for combat, but the principles also work for:
Anti-stress (breathing, mental state, feeling tension in you own body)
Running/cardio (body form, second breath, mental state, breathing)
-Tension/inflexible body (relaxation, awareness of mental/physical tension in the body)
Henrik Lønbjerg is a former soldier and UN-peace-keeper with real world experience in handling high stress-conflicts. He started training Systema under the instruction of Fabio Faravola in 2015. In 2016 he moved to training under Sean G. Fields to get better at the internal aspects of Systema. Henrik is also recieving training and guidance from David Kirillov at Systema GB in. He has also attended seminars of the following Systema Masters: Michael Ryabko, Val Riazanov & Ryo Onishi

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