Einherjar viking wear anerkender også veteraner, og tilbyder 15 % rabat hvis man har et veterankort.

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Einherjar – modern Viking streetwear for men:

Our men’s streetwear calls back to a time where men were real men fought like warriors, worked the field and took care of their family, while never submitting to the harsh and brutal world.

Features: Our modern fitness clothes are high-quality and highlight the masculine form of every man. It sits tight at the arms and upper torso while being looser around the stomach.

Einherjar – modern Viking clothing for women:

As with our men’s clothes do, our fitness apparel for women calls back to another time in history. A time were women fought as shieldmaidens and raised families alongside there partners.

Features: The clothes are high quality and highlight the feminine form, sitting tight while at the same time not being too revealing.

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